Hi, I'm Chris...

I am a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at West Virginia University.

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What am I teaching this semester?
Nothing this summer, but in the fall I will be teaching Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, Incompressible Aerodynamics, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.
What research am I currently working on?
Our group is continuing our work investigating the effects of unsteady aerodynamics on unsteady aerodynamic bodies. I am also conducting computational work on fluid dynamics and heat transfer in submerged tubing. In addition, we recently heard from our partner, NextGen Federal Systems, that Phase 2 of our UAS project has been awarded.
What is my latest tweet?
@griffinwvu RT @WvuAiaa: Great first outreach event of the year! We even got featured on the @WVUStudents account! https://t.co/ADdgaYZezi'>https://t.co/ADdgaYZezi
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